Consulting, Planning, Engineering

Consulting, Planning, Engineering

A decision maker who is well informed about feasibility, operation and profitability, will be in a position to save time and money. Our knowledge and expertise of fluid engineering and specific material characteristics and properties and experience in specific applications allows us to choose the best valve for the planned application.

After installation, we can also assist you to ensure a cost effective installation by providing competent consultation and timely support by qualified staff.


We can provide the following services:

  • quality management documentation for repair and refurbishment
  • pre-qualification documentation for planned modifi-cations and spare parts
  • damage assesments with complete expertise report and documentation
  • TÜV-certifications, also for non Bopp & Reuther products
  • life cycle analysis and assessments
  • project management and documentation for modifi-cations/repair work.

Our planning covers all steps of the preparation including external resources thus avoiding unnecessary delays due to unforeseen events.

We advise you in terms of the application, correct efficient use for the complete life span of your valves.