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Personell, mobile machining, testing equipment and tools

Personell, mobile machining, testing equipment and tools

Qualified personnel

All Bopp & Reuther service facilities have a staff of experienced and knowledgable personnel at your disposal.These specialists are kept at the cutting endge of knowledge and experience with continuous education and traing with updates in all areas of expertise in valve technology. All the technicians hold an SCC certification (in accordance with document 016/017) and receive regular safety training for HSE issues. The place of work can be anywhere across the globe making then experienced working in various cultures and environments. Many of our staff are additionally qualified to work in hot areas of radiation.

Mobile technology, measurement and machinery

All our service technicians carry a complete set of tools as wells as any special equipment for that is necessary for the completion of the work specified. In certain circumstances where special machines are required for highly sophisticated jobs, we will send the required machinery and equipment out to the site beforehand to ensure it’s availability when the work is carried out. We have a stock of the following special machinery and associated equipment boxed in air transportable crates:

  • Grinding equipment (gate valve seat grinding machine, high-speed valve seat grinding machine)
  • Lathing equipment for turning on site
  • Measuring and testing equipment
  • Welding robot for seat hard refurbishment
  • Complete containerised workshops
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic tools
  • Instrumentation and calibration equipment