Scheduled Testing / Mobile Testing

Scheduled Testing / Mobile Testing

Scheduled Testing

All safety valves must be tested regularly to ensure safe and correct operation. Spring loaded safety valves are sometimes equipped with additional pneumatic, hydraulic or electro pneumatic auxiliary actuators and may have additional control units which are also subject to annual performance tests in accordance with guidelines and regulations. Such periodical tests can be carried out without stoppages or outages. These tests will not only check the safety function of the valves and thus the safety of the installation, but also ensure that the efficiency is retained by checking the valve opening and resetting characteristics.

Mobile Testing

Our computerised mobile testing equipment can be connected to both Bopp & Reuther and other valves, this equipment has been certified by the TÜV as part of our quality management system.

Features and Benefits:

  • Test conducted during operation to avoid unnecessary stoppage
  • Performance test in situ to check safety function
  • Leakage of the operating medium is kept to a minimum during the test to reduce costs and outage
  • The set pressure is checked (this can even be achieved
  • without a pressurised system under certaion circumstances).
  • Recording of the load deflexion curve and spring charac­teristics
  • Test results and documentation immediately available on test completion (local printer)

Additional functions of controlled valves:

  • Testing of the opening and closing pressures (pressure switch test)
  • Calculation of the available forces for the actuator (opening below set pressure)