Trainings and Education

Trainings and Education

Customers, operators and maintenance staff will find a wide range of seminars and training material available for their education and support. Our staff of qualified and experienced trainers have the wide range of application knowledge and equipment expertise backed up by sound educational skills to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the training. We strive to remain at the leading edge in this area of service and support to ensure your success and satisfaction with valves and systems installed.

Please approach us for your indivual training requirements and we will establish to scope of training required to ensure the safety and the effectiveness of your operating and maintenance staff as well as application planers. The training can be conducted in our training facility in Mannheim with the wide range of practical examples and possibilities or can be conducted locally at your site or training facility.

Quality, professionalism, individual support and customer satisfaction are our daily objectives, we would be very pleased to welcome you on one of our training courses in the near future.

System and operation training

  • Basic principles
  • Types of valves
  • Operating characteristics
  • Control systems
  • Actuators
  • Examinations and testing

Maintenance training

  • General maintenance of the valves
  • Design features
  • Valves installation and first time use
  • Functional testing and control
  • Maintenance of the valves
  • Fault diagnosis and immediate actions